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Welcome to Mrs Fryatt's Year 6 class!


We are super excited for the start of Autumn term as there is so much to look forward to. Before we tell you all about it however, here's a little bit about us...

This is Mrs Fryatt's...look a like...



This is Mrs Fryatt...

As you can see, she really enjoys having her photo taken! Overall Mrs Fryatt is enthusiastic, quirky and 100% dedicated to the teaching and learning of her students. She loves teaching any subject and has particular interests in Maths and Reading. Her favourite author is J.K. Rowling as well as Malorie Blackburn. She is very approachable and encourages you to make an appointment if you have any concerns or just want to talk about how brilliant your child is!


This is our class teaching assistant Miss Jones...


Miss Jones is not only in charge of after school club but also breakfast club, therefore she spends half of her life at our school demonstrating just how dedicated she is to helping children learn. She is friendly, kind and patient, with a great sense of humour, making her the ideal support network in any class.


Last but not least this is us, Year 6 RF...



We are an extremely awesome (and attractive!) class; we're hard working, fun, caring and most of all proud to be Year 6's. Together we have devised a set of class rules that are important to us in order to help us learn and be respectful of others and their learning.


As shown by our display we are very creative... as well as our class rules we have two class mascots: Ashley the pink fluffy unicorn and Tasha the mouse (we think it's a mouse). Often they can be found at different places around the classroom depending on how mischievous they are feeling!



This is a weekly timetable of what we do on which day:








Topic Autumn 1

Our Autumn 1 topic is: 'Frozen Kingdom' and we've already got stuck in learning about when the Titanic sank over 105 years ago. Captain Smith came into school to tell us all about it (we presume as a ghost, either that or his face cream works miracles!) We learnt all about real passengers who sailed on the Titanic as well as those who perished. As part of our workshop we were able to 'become' the characters from first, second and third class, as well as rein act some key scenes, depicting what they would have got up to on a daily basis. Take a look at our photos below to find out what we got up to.  


Titanic workshop

Titanic workshop 1 Captain Smith telling us about the launch.
Titanic workshop 2 Walking the boarding plank as 2nd class passengers
Titanic workshop 3 Showing our crew jobs!
Titanic workshop 4 Showing our crew jobs!
Titanic workshop 5 Showing how the 1st class passengers lived!
Titanic workshop 6
Titanic workshop 7 Building a survival raft out of debris.
Titanic workshop 8 Getting people on the life boats!
Titanic workshop 9 Rowing back for survivors.
Titanic workshop 10 Did Captain Smith sacrifice himself?
Titanic workshop 11 Discovering the Titanic 73 years later.

Topic Homework

Topic Homework is being handed out on 15th September in the children's new Home Learning Journals. We ask that the children complete at least three from the list by Friday 13th October. I am so looking forward to seeing what the children come up with, as there is so much variety to choose from and the standard of their home learning work has always been amazing. Thank-you for supporting your children in their home learning work and I look forward to inviting you into school for the children's certificates and a glimpse at their work!

Autumn 1 homework