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Bramley Apple Day Competition - 18 October 2013

Thank you for all the effort that everyone has put into entries for this competition. It has been very hard to select the final  entries for the competition. There will be a prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for each class that entered. The variety and quality of entries was very high. I know that the judges at The Bramley Apple Centre in Southwell will have a challenging job to select the winning entries.

Here are Python Hill's final selection.
Photograph finalists are  Joshua C, Iain H, Abbie T, Gemma R, Freddie J and Jack L.  
Apple themed card finalists are Alfie P, Bethany S, Ebony R, Lottie W, Kaley S and Amber W-N.
The Amazing Apple finalists are Louise H, Louie W and Harvey G, Frankie S, Sian B, Hollie B and Harrison W.

Good luck for October 26th when they will be judged by the Women's Institute.

Once again thank you to everyone who took part in and out of school. 
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