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Museum day - 4/5 RF

 Today we hosted our very own Museum all about Household objects and how they have evolved over time.
The children researched, recorded and then went on to demonstrate how to use the different artefacts independently.
They worked so hard to put together an interactive and friendly experience. The comments that we recieved at the end of the day were lovely and a testiment to how hard our class worked.

"Lovely to see the children interested in all the exhibits, well done finding all the artefacts".

" I enjoyed looking at all the old objects, everybody worked so hard on this project, well done".

Firstly, we would like to thank any parents or grandparents that donated objects for our musuem and most importantly thankyou for coming!
We have attached some photos of the day - please enjoy it again.

Mrs Fryatt, Mrs McNab and our wonderful class. 

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