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Reading is very important. We learn through stories and factual books. Please read with your child everyday, if only a for a few minutes.

Reading diaries

Your child will have a reading diary by the end of week 1. Inside it there will be a unique target for your child and the colour of book  band they need to be choosing.

Tips for reading

smiley Find a time that suits you and your child.

sadShow excitement when reading stories or finding out things to show your child that books are great, enjoyable and informative.

laughIf your child does not know the sounds that each letter makes, work with them practising a few a day making it fun. Then read a story to them and talk about what's happening.

frownTake turns reading words, sentences or pages with your child.

angryDo not push your child to read if they are feeling angry or upset otherwise they will associate reading in a negative way.

coolIf your child loves a particular book let them read it. It will do them no harm to read it over and over again, but ask them to choose another book as well as their favourite book.