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Reading is very important especially in Year 2.  We are aiming for all children to be able to read accurately and fluently.  It is really important that your child reads daily with an adult to support and encourage them.


Reading diaries

Your child will bring home a reading diary and a book to read at home.  It is important not only to read the words but also to talk about what they have read, asking lots of questions and discussing the pictures.  Our new child friendly reading diaries also have word lists for you to use to practise reading and spelling, a place where your child can write the book titles they would like to read, a place to make a record of books they have read, a place to record new words that they make not have heard before and would like to find out the meaning and a place to carry out a Book Review if they would like to.


Tips for reading

no  Choose a time when your child wants to read. 

no  Allow time for your child to talk about the book they are reading.

no  Share bedtime stories.

no  Don't let your child struggle on a word for too long, help them to build up the word with the sounds or tell them the word.

no  Play reading games, such as hiding words  on little pieces of paper around the house to find, writing down words from their book to chop up and re-make the word.